I am a handbag addict….there, I have said it. And now I can make them myself.

Every bag carrying my label has been made by me and is unique. Most of them are made of coloured cow hide and usually lined in a contrasting pigskin for longevity. Handbags have a hard life.

I love bright colours and feel they reflect the personality of the person wearing or carrying them. I like simple lines, and try to incorporate these two principles in my bag designs.

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The price of a bag is related to the leather and the materials used, the complexity of the construction and of course, the time taken to make it. As all my bags are custom made, the prices quoted on these pages are an indication of the price for that particular model.

If you’d like a bespoke (custom made) bag, send me an email via the Contact page with your query. Or alternatively, visit me at my workshop and see and feel the leather yourself.